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Hair IN Nipple (Ugh) - Help Me Not Do The Doc Again

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TLDR: Hair with follicle came out of nipple and now I'm ready to do a walk in mammogram.

I'm a hairy woman and last night saw a hair growing from the center of my right nipple. This is not an areola hair - I get plenty of those. This happened once before. This time, however, the hair fell out on my finger as I was manipulating my breast. I looked down and saw a white bulb on my nip. I picked that up and saw a tiny little stump of a hair attached to the bulb, like the bigger hair had broken off from that. 

This triggered off my BC fears - is it a discharged? What does it mean? I squeezed the jesus out of my boobs and nothing came out; I also checked all my bras and there's nothing in there suggesting any type of discharge. I'm having a hard time accepting that this was just a hair with a follicle - not the first, just the first time I'm seeing the follicle.

Has somebody, ANYBODY had this happen???

Background: I am 40 y/o, last mammo in May 2019 for a different episode. All clear. I have at times severe BC fears and as a result, rarely touch my breasts, even to put lotion on them. (This has led to years of dry nipples, but I don't have the energy to process that today.)

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Hair can grow anywhere on the body, although it is less likely for it to be there, that doesn’t make it impossible. Anywhere a pore is, which is everywhere, a hair can pop out of. That is especially true if you are a hairy individual. I myself am one and have some where I really hate having them. I wouldn’t fret much, hair can be pesky little things 🙂 

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