10 Years of Performance Panic

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Dear friends,

I have never tried an online support group but at this point in my life I feel like I need to turn over every stone. I have been dealing with panic attacks for 10 years now. I am 32 years old and on paper I have a successful career. Yet every time I need to perform at a high level the panic become so overwhelming that it derails my life and I feel as if I'm losing control of both myself and my career. I'm sure many of you can understand but words alone cannot give credit to the feeling of sheer terror caused by panic attacks. I am actively limiting myself from career promotions in order to avoid situations that would create panic.probably the worst part is that I'm so disappointed in myself for not having mastered this after a decade. I get compliments from my co-workers that my career looks so promising and all I can see is dread. To be honest I don't know what I'm looking for from this group but even a small ray of hope will be welcomed.

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