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I have this issue every time I travel to meet up with my boyfriend in his city or mine i always get really bad anxiety I can’t eat or sleep I feel sick


just a little background info I met my boyfriend while on vacation I was coming out of a divorce and stayed single for two years and met him I was so anxious and now I get like that every time I see him please help 

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Hi. Halimo. Welcome to AC. :)

It's difficult to say without more information what is the cause of your anxiety. Was the divorce traumatic in any way? Is there some reason that you might feel guilt of some sort? I can only guess at the reasons and it's not good to speculate, but there is always a reason; cause and effect. If it's difficult to talk on the Forum you can message me or wait for more replies. It's obviously worrying you and rightly so and you do need to try and find a cause. Sorry to not be more help.

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