Worrying so much of MS lately

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6 minutes ago, dcamc4 said:

Your symptoms sound very vague and all over the place.  Not how MS typically presents.

If you're really worried, go see your PCP, have him/her do a basic neuro exam, and discuss your symptoms.  I'm very confident you will be reassured.  

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I also am worrying about MS and I kept a symptoms log myself.  The persistent pins and needles I'm having is the part that really scares me.  I know how you feel.  Reading about it on the 'net and the experiences of some of these folks just makes it worse for me.

The only reassurance I can give myself is that because I'm male and of Asian decent, I have a much lesser chance of what is already a RARE disease because the occurrence is higher among women and those of Western European descent, but until I get to see my neuro, who's booked, I'm not going to be able to 100% reassure myself.

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