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Confused, no solutions

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Hi, my name is Noah I'm 17 and I am really confused to say the least as to why this is happening. Hormonally I've been the most normal teenager you could ask for, no outbursts no emotional problems but for some reason as soon as this past year started I got a panic attack in the middle of class. At the time I didn't know what it was it just felt like my heart stopped and the room started getting blurry and I got dizzy, the normal symptoms. After the first one they would come once a day and then the next week they would come twice a day and then etc. 3 months later they're constant throughout the day they just come in waves and I've tried Xanax it doesn't help too much, CBD. I don't know my triggers. Public places and places I'm not familiar with make me anxious but they often happen for no reason. I haven't tried a lot of methods of coping. I was wondering if you guys could give me some insight as to why these started happening and what I can do to help them. Thanks :)

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