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Anxiety Websites!

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Some while ago the subject of anxiety website came up and the remark was made that certain sites seemed to cause more problems than they solve. With this I entirely agree.  Some of them, who of course will remain nameless, are or seem to be calculated to increase anxiety rather than help. One I visited allowed graphic explicit details of the previous nights sexual exploits. Another was telling people that whatever offensive remarks they made it was the recipients fault if they took offense not yours! Another I found gave so much space to heavily disguised advertising that it soon became obvious what the site was for.

Not all are like this, thank goodness, and some were helpful but it is a fine balance between giving helpful advice and keeping disruptive people off. I feel that anything in the way of 'free expression' should be carefully monitored if it offends the sensitivities of others. Lets face it, most people who suffer from anxiety are sensitive people. If you wish to indulge in fantasy then there are plenty of websites that cater for this but anxiety sites are not the place. I was once told that what I suggested was complete rubbish and I had no idea what I was talking about. Dear old Dr. Weekes was an idiot and had no idea either!! I am not perfect by any means but I have been there and know. It is the way we disagree that is important. Constructive disagreement or criticism is helpful but ill informed disagreement is not. We need to get our facts right before making comment. I have found that some chat rooms can be unhelpful in that real disagreement and down right abuse is tolerated. I am pleased to say that this is not allowed on this site. 'Free expression' if it offends others is out. Kindness and gentle understanding and helpful advice is in. Good luck to all you brave souls on this site. You are in the right place.    J.

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