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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, new here. I've been reading all the chronic headache and brain tumor posts out there. I can't seem to find anyone with the same symptoms as me tho. I've been to four doctors, all say I have nothing to worry about. I tend to think that they just say that because I'm pregnant and can't/won't do the tests needed to really know for sure. I have a neurology appointment on the 16th of this month. Seems so far away tho. But dreading it as well, thinking about receiving 'the' diagnosis is so scary for me. So here are my symptoms....About a month and half, two months after becoming pregnant, I started having these headaches. Didn't pay much attention to them, I've always had random headaches. Although these did seem different. One morning I woke up and felt a swollen and sore lymph node on my neck, almost behind my ear. Scared me because I've never had a sore one there before. So what did I do?? I googled of course. This was before I knew I shouldn't tho. So google tell me... If no sign of infection or injury, could be brain tumor or neck tumor. I have been in panic mode since then. Sorry, was supposed to list symptoms.. here goes. Pressure and pain in two places on top of my head, possibly slightly to the left. Small area, and doesn't last very long. Another pain is... like a pinched blood vessel or pinched nerve. These happen on the sides and back of my head. Small area and doesn't last long either. I also have, what I believe, is a tension headache. Starts in my neck and I feel up the back of my head and sometimes around the sides. Feels like I need to pop my neck really bad. I also get sharp pains behind both my eyes, doesn't last long tho. All of these symptoms are everyday, throughout the day. Middle of the night too. Seems to be worse at night time tho, maybe because anxiety is always worse then too. I am 23 wks pregnant. I know headaches are common in pregnancy, but these just do not feel like normal headaches to me. I really can't handle anyone saying anything like.. oh that sounds serious, you should have that seen about. To me it sounds very serious, i just can't get a doctor to believe me. I guess I need some reassurance. Any one have anything like this??