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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I'm new to all this, I'm 18 and I've had anxiety since I was 6. It started when my parents lost reception on their phone for a couple of hours coming Back from a trip and my grandma couldn't reach em, so she told me they were dead. Traumatized me for 4 hours then they called and it was ok, but it was enough to get the ball rolling. Any ways I just need some rational thinkers or people who've gone through the same thing. I "feel" weakness on my left side but I have no muscle failure , no atrophy etc. Of course I think it's als. But the raitional part of my brain is weak compared to the anxiety. But if any of you have ever had a period of time where you thought you had als could you tell me the symptoms you had? And can anxiety cause real physical symptoms, like if you thing your leg is weak and that's all you think about will it get " weaker"? Anyways ,any response would be really really appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  2. Beliza


    Hi, so I had no other transportation and I just walked from work to the gym which turned out to be an hour long walk which I wouldn't have walked if I knew how long it was going to be. Anyway, it was a pretty tough walk with lots of hills and it was also hot out today regarding the weather. By the time I was almost to the gym I started getting a headache and once I got to the gym I only exercised for about 20 mins considering I just walked an hour but my headache hadn't gone away at all during my workout and I just got home from the gym now and it still hasn't gone away. I guess I'm just a little concerned because I've never had a headache during my workouts before and I hardly ever get them at all but walking for an hour in this hot sun is out of the ordinary for me too so I'm not sure if that's what caused it or not. Since I'm trying to work on my health anxiety I'm trying my best not to turn to Google and convince myself something is seriously wrong with me lol
  3. Beliza

    My anxiety

    Hello, my name is Brooke and I just recently joined anxiety central because I was in search of some advice regarding my health anxiety. It all started with the bottoms of my toes and feet feeling numb after one of my long walks. A couple days had gone by and the numbness was still there and that's when I decided to look online to understand why I was feeling this numbness and I came across all of these awful things that could be wrong with me and that's when I got scared and my anxiety started. From then on I had been in a state of constant anxiety and each day I would feel worse and I had a tightness in my chest, a lump in my throat, an upset stomach and tingling calves which worried me even more that something was wrong with me. It's when I finally made a post on here about what I was experiencing that I learned that all those things I was feeling was because of my anxiety and once I learned that, the things I was feeling started to get better and for the most part, go away. I'm still dealing with my health anxiety and am being hopeful that it will get better soon. Aside from health anxiety I also suffer from social anxiety and occasional anxiety due to stressful events. I feel writing this right now helps with my anxiety and I also feel that discussing anxiety with other users that may be going through something similar would be helpful too. If anyone would like to share any similar experiences or has any opinions or comments to add, please feel free to do so
  4. Hi all, I'm new here but have struggled with anxiety for 10 years or so (since high school). Just looking for some support! My anxiety has waxed and waned over the years. I'm cutrently 12 weeks postpartum and my anxiety has really been kicked into overdrive since about 5 weeks postpartum. I cannot stop thinking that something terrible is going to happen to me and that I am going to leave my little girl all alone. Something catastrophic. Like my husband will come home from work and find me passed out or dead on the floor and our little girl will have been crying there for hours. I keep feeling weird sensations in my stomach. Sometimes it's a like a tightening or a muscle twitching sensation (the sensation seems to move around- sometimes in upper abdomen, other times lower). Other times it feels like all the blood is draining out of my stomach and my blood pressure is going down and I'm going to pass out. I've checked my blood pressure though, even when I'm standing and it is basically fine. I also feel really dizzy and off balance a lot of the day, which is a sensation I've had in the past and has come and go over the years. Ive never had an MRI for it, not sure if I should. I'm currently working with a naturopath and have had a ton of labs done and am getting all my hormones looked at. I get so anxious about these sensations though. I feel shaky a lot and am high alert throughout the day. I feel like I'm constantly scanning my body. I feel like health anxiety has taken over my life and it's hard for me to care for my little girl. I just want to be normal and to enjoy her! I have started seeing a counselor who will be starting alpha-stim with me next week. I'm also going to try the whole 30 diet as my midwife suggested this could help. I do have a prescription for Zoloft but I'm holding off as long as I can as I am breast-feeding. I'm thinking about trying medical hypnosis as well. Anyone have experience with these kinds of sensations or postpartum health anxiety? Should I go to the hospital and demand an MRI of my head and an ultrasound of my abdomen? In the past week I've convince myself I have worms, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, and aortic aneurysm, and a brain tumor. I feel like a crazy person.