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There are no results to display.


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Found 1 result

  1. HOW MANY OF THESE DO YOU SAY YES TO?.... You eat out in restaurants very rarely and when doing so you avoid chicken, spicy or unusual cuisines You don't drink or restrict yourself to a glass of wine You don't like pubs or clubs - even to the extent of walking past them You dislike dinner parties, social events and crowded rooms which could lead to anxiety / panic attacks You eat little in public and if so you sit near a door You are very aware of checking sell-by dates You avoid flying and travelling by boat You avoid public transport, preferring to travel by car and driving yourself You feel uncomfortable when visiting a cinema and insist on sitting at the end of a row You avoid pregnancy fearing morning sickness and / or the fear of having a child and not being able to care for it correctly if they were to become sick You avoid anyone with a real or imagined sickness bug - either within their own environment or in public places You ensure that you always carry a bottle of water, mints or chewing gum You are very aware of pavements and check weather forecasts to see when rain is due I thought it was really quite funny that I said yes to every single one, never realised my 'must avoid vomiting at all costs' rituals and habits were so common. Didn't even realise what I had suffered with for over 10 years was a legitimate anxiety related disorder until a year or so ago, and that it was so common. More great info and videos here