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Found 1 result

  1. ok first off im not sure if this is where I should write this but its going here anyways. so while laying in bed I was thinking about my ''father'' being its around fathers day. looking at my birth certificate my mother has the name of her ex husband still. I was given my ''biological father's'' last name however something just doesn't seem right! I know they were not married until after my birth so the last name thing kinda makes sense but it got me questioning. I asked my father the question today about how him and my mother met and when. I was born December 4th 1993 but my ''father'' as I know him didn't know my mom until may sometime which would mean basically that my mom was already pregnant with me before they even met. the man she was married to died from addiction to drugs and alcohol in the middle of 93. I was told addiction runs in my family and I struggle with addiction to many things myself. also there is a history of mental illness which I have. but back on track here. I am now wondering if my ''father'' is really the man ive been told he is for all these years. if he isn't that means that not only is my mother dead but my bio father is as well. I need others opinions on what could have happened and is the man I call my father really mine? sincerely, A worried and stressed insomniac