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  1. So I woke up at midnight and my heart was starting to beat hard after a flutter. I decided instead of sitting there to get up and start packing. I decided to just "ignore" it and push through. I packed 5 boxes, feeling my heart beat faster and feeling like I was breaking into a light sweat. No dizziness. After I was done I took my pulse-100. I sat on the couch for a bit and kept checking it. It went down to 80 in about 20 minutes. That should be a good indicator that my heart is okay, right? I checked what my max heart rate should be (220- age), it was 175. I am out of shape, very sedentary- like, I don't exercise at all. Oh, and I am 47. Not overweight but could lose about 20 lbs.
  2. Do I need to get more tests done? I thought the CR scan would be enough? I went all day without a fast heart rate, and then I climbed my stairs to my apt. My heart started to beat a little faster, normally since I am out of shape, but then a few minutes later it turned into a panic attack and really started beating. I just took my pulse, and it was only 80, but my heart feels like it's pumping out of my chest! So my heart rate isn't fast but beating very hard!
  3. I went to the ER with a fast heartbeat on the 16th, it was over 130 when I went in and after 4 mg. of Ativan they let me go home. They did an EKG, bloodwork and chest xray. I went to see my dr. yesterday and he put me back on Klonopin for my panic attacks. This has been after 4-5 days of constant anxiety and rapid heartbeats! I have never had my heart beat like this before. It usually happens for a few seconds and then goes back to normal. This just keeps coming and going. I took a Klonopin last night and I was fine all day today until a few minutes ago. My dr. bumped up my prozac to 30 mg, which I have been on for two days- I know it take time to work. I did a CT calcium score test which was "0"- my dr said that meant I had no plaque in my arteries at all and my heart was "probably better than his"? Why does my heart keep speeding up then? This it driving me crazy!!!! I am also getting sharp/squeezing pains in my chest and tightness. If there is nothing wrong with my heart, what is going on? Is it possible the CT score is not accurate? Should I try to get an Echo to be sure.? The dr. said I didn't need to but I have never had this happen like this before. Please help. ps- BP is good, just some high cholesterol
  4. So I found out to day my Calcium score was also 0. My doctor told me that is amazing and a very good indicator that my heart is free of plaque. I felt immediately relieved, and he gave me some Klonopin to help me relax. I still feel like my chest is heavy and I am so scared my heart rate will speed up again. It's weird, I know my heart is super healthy, but my chest still has pain, heaviness and tightness. Just anxiety still? I hope it will level out soon.
  5. Thank you! I just know from what I read, it's hard to tell just via bloodwork and I have had high cholesterol for years. I am going to try and focus on what you are saying though. I'm sorry all that happened to you- it must have been scary. I wish they would have done a sonogram though. Just for more peace of mind.
  6. Ironman, I could REALLY REALLY use your help right now. The tests they ran was an EKG, bloodwork and chest xray. They said they were going to do a ct scan, but they never did. That's what I am freaking our about! I wanted to know if my arteries were clogged and now I have nothing to tell me this either way. I am sitting here right now completely freaking out. I keep getting slight pains in my back, chest, arm and jaw. Very slight, but enough that it is noticeable. I will be sitting here feeling okay for couple of minutes, and then I get this rush of tingles all over my body and feel like I am going to faint. I also have this feeling in my chest, like when you swallow something the wrong way, and I feel a lump in my throat. At first I thought it was my GERD, but it's been a few days now. I upped my Prozac hoping that will help---how long will that take? I had a to borrow a couple pills from a friend (some benzo) so I could space them out until I see the Dr. yesterday. Right now, the pain my chest is toward the middle behind my sternum. It feels like I have to burp, but then I just feel a lump in my throat. Then I feel pain in my shoulders. My anxiety never lasts this long, maybe a day like this but that's it. I don't understand. I am so scared my arteries are clogged and I am going to have a heart attack. I just took the last pill my friend gave me and it feels like it's not doing anything. I am trying to fight going to the hospital, but I feel like I am crawling out of my skin. I have had a few EKGs, only the one at the hospital showed tachycardia. They didn't seemed concerned at all. The also tried to put in an IV and take blood and said that my veins kept collapsing? What does that mean!! My bloodwork showed a little low Potassium and that's about it. UGGGGHHHHHH!
  7. Sorry, Ironman, was that reply for me?
  8. Thanks MARC. Part of my concern was that they didn't do any type of echo- that would have made me feel better. Now, I feel there is still more that can be looked at. I did get a CT Calcium Score test done earlier that day, so hopefully that will help let me know. I still feel like I want to make an appt. for an echo though.
  9. Nutmegbella- I was wondering how everything turned out for you. I had 'almost to a T" the same thing you had on Friday- today is Sunday. I went to the ER after a few days of rapid heartbeat that just kept coming and going. When I go there, my BP was the same and my heart rate was over 130. After what seemed FOREVER, they finally gave my 2 mg of Ativan and then gave me some intravenously to calm down. ONce my heart rate went back to normal, they let me go. They did EKG, which showed tachycardia (fast heartbeat), bloodwork, and chest xray. I suppose if they thought there was anything wrong they would have run more tests, but they let me go. Did your episode finally resolve itself? What did you do?
  10. Hello all. If you read my introduction, you will know I am 46, about to 47 in two days.Recently I was doing great, for like 10+ years, and my new doctor took me off of my Prozac and Klonopin to put me only on Lexapro. This has lead to a huge continuouswave of anxiety off and on for the last 2-3 months. It has been worst this month. Over the last few days, I have been thoroughly convinced there is something wrong with my heart; here are the facts: - high cholesterol (280 total), 204 LDL, 54 HDL. It has been this way for years as both parents have high cholesterol. Recently the doctors are acting super freaky about it and want to put me on meds. - No HP, normal. - 10+ years ago I had an Echo-stress test, Holter monitor, etc. and all came out normal - Recently I have had three EKG's in the last 4 days, all came out normal, except the one at the ER yesterday which showed tachycardia. I had come in panicking and couldn't get me heart rate to go down. After 2 mg. of Ativan and intravenous Ativan, it slowed and they let me go home. They tested by blood and did a chest x-ray as well. SO, here I am, deathly afraid to do anything that might increase my heart rate. I got a good night's sleep, but as soon as I got my, my heart starting to beat fast again. I tried to relax- nothing helped. I smoked some weed and it seemed to help, but I can just feel a very low lying level of anxiety just waiting. Other symptoms: - small sharp.pinching pains in my chest, under sternum - feeling like a have a lump in my throat - Tingling in arms/hands on occasion I am so scared that someone is 'missing' something. Is it clogged arteries? Is it A-Fib? I suppose if the hospital thought something was wrong they would have ran more tests, but this doctor wasan absolute ass- even my husband said so. The thing that freaked me out the most was the fact that my heartbeat would just not go down. This has never happened before. It would get fast for a bit and then go back to normal. This was on and off for almost two days straight! When I was at the ER, it was fluctuating between 106-125, they said when I go there is was over 130. So. do I go spend the money (which I really don't have)and get an echo just to be sure? I keep also having strange random pains like in my jaw, my back, back of my arm, etc. Just little pings, but enough that it has me on edge. I could really use some advise here. I have a doctors appointment on Monday, hopefully he will allow me to have my benzos back, but until then, I feel like I am just walking a tight rope. -
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Mary. I have has anxiety and panic since I was 10 years old; I am now 46. It was brought on my severe trauma as a child and living with a Borderline mother. I have gone through it all: tests, ER visits, numerous different kinds of medication, long times with no anxiety, and all the other things that come along with this burden. For the last 10 years, I have been on a regular mix of prozac and klonopin (as needed) and it has worked great, however, my 'new' doctor took me off of everything, put me on Lexapro and that's when it all went to shit. I have been spending the last month trying to get back onto Prozac, but will not be prescribed klonopin (no previous abuse, actually wouldn't even get through a full month). So here I am, dealing with the dreaded feelings, the impending doom, the not believing doctors, and the ER visits. I was on a chat like this sometime back and it was SUPER helpful. I am hoping this will be the same while I try to transition to some sort of normalcy.