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  1. I got my first covid vaccine was scared to death already. I noticed about two days later I have been getting more cherry angiomas so I freak out Doctor orders me a full blood panel and everything is perfectly normal and they say those things come and go but I have been getting more all the sudden not like 100s but deffinetely 15-20 and the ones I previously had looked worse. Even though I got the blood panel done I still have a hard time believing that this isn’t some how related. I have a few doctors we work for that all said the same thing if the blood panel is good don’t worry thats the first indicator but it’s hard not to worry. I feel fine other than looking at myself and seeing the new red dots. Then I’ve come to read that stress has been thought to be a factor in these things as well. So now because I was so freaked out about them I’m wondering did I cause them or were they there and I never noticed. Also will I even listen to the doctor I see Monday if he says these things are unrelated. I know these are normally just cosmetic issues and usually don’t mean anything but that’s not how my mind works. Please let me know if any of you have ever had these pop up and got worried and why you did to fix it or did you just learn it’s ok.