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  1. Don't let those "twitching" searches rope you into thinking the worst. I had (and still have in my arm) them, and I fell into the same cycle after a dozen random searches suggested it may be ALS. If you can really focus on something else, even for a minute you will find the twitching stops or at least lessens. Anxiety has been F***ing with me for so long, and I always seems to get the best of me. Don't let it get to you. Hope you are feeling better.
  2. The twitching you were experiencing was exactly what put me into a tailspin after an appointment with Dr. Google MD. Every search regarding muscle twitching suggested ALS. I could not get the idea out of my head, and I focused so strongly on the twitching from the instant I woke up, and throughout my work day, it was making me crazy. Called my real PCP (not Google) he told me they are very common, to take magnesium supplement and stay hydrated. Twitch continued, as did my fear of dying from a horrific illness. This health anxiety has been something I battle with since I was a teenager. Last week started 50mg of Zoloft as suggested by my PCP. I'll be frank, this 1st week has not been great, but they say it gets easier after the 1st couple weeks. I sincerely hope your situation is improving, and wanted to let you know, you are not alone. Hope your script for Prozac brings you some well deserved peace.