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  1. Hi Worrygirl. I just wanted to say that I used to be a palm reader in my twenties (I'm 67 now) and unfortunately I had to come to the conclusion that it is a load of twoddle! It's very nice to think that our lives can be predicted in this way, but they can't, and I speak from experience. This is similar to looking up your anxiety symptoms on google. Don't do it! You will only frighten yourself more by convincing yourself that you have some terrible illness. You don't. This is just how the anxious mind works, it looks for reasons to be worried when there aren't any. Anxiety is not an illness, it is your own body's natural protective system and it is there to protect you from danger. Sometimes it goes off half-cocked when there isn't any real danger and then it looks round to find something. Don't believe your anxious thoughts, they are never true. We maintain our anxiety by constantly obsessing and worrying about it. It doesn't really matter if you do that because anxiety will never cause you any kind of real harm but it will make your journey more uncomfortable. You cannot die from anxiety and you cannot go mad from anxiety, it is just a very uncomfortable experience in the body and mind. The more you can ignore it, occupy yourself with something else, and not try to fix it, the sooner it will go away. It is just nervous arousal, nothing more. Best wishes xxx