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  1. Being tired all the time is tough. I don't want to leave the house and worry about work all the time. I shake and dread even thinking about getting up the next day for it to happen again.
  2. I have human connection and it is still hard to get up. I am super tired all the time
  3. Does the medicine make you gain weight or upset your stomach
  4. I am sorry it is tough being alone. Does your meds not work or do you have anxiety all the time?
  5. I am on setraline, but had all of the same issues before. It would make me dread waking up in the morning due to it happening all over again
  6. Are you having high anxiety? I dread waking up in the morning
  7. I wake up daily with anxiety and have it throughout the day. I have OCD and intrusive thoughts and usually get fixed on something going on in Life or at work and just focus on that constantly. Work is the biggest issue because I'm worried that I will make mistakes. this makes me not want to go out in the public and and make me become even more of an introvert which I already am and causes Rifts in the family because I don't have energy to do anything and just feel blah all the time