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  1. I work on breathing and self soothing but like you my anxiety and panic attacks get the better of me and my family when I am around, has been this way for me for the last two years.
  2. I had 2 car accidents within 4 days, one that I was rear ended and caused neck trauma and head pain and has been ongoing for 4 weeks. I have had severe bouts of anxiety and an episode tonight like no other, while driving I felt pounding head pain and when I got to the house had a unbelievable raise in head temp, I was shaking and feeling like I might pass out, I ruled out a TIA or stroke from the ability to calm my breathing and my temp went away, appreciate any comments on what you think it might be
  3. I have health anxiety wrapped up with the Covid and other things being too focused on anxiety and depression. It has been horrible for me as well, I have seen my parents but dumped my issues on them when it wasn’t intentional and my mom and dad need space now as a result so I manage it better