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  1. I have so many of these, i am printing this off so i can remind myself when in a bad way that its my anxiety and im going to be ok.
  2. Dont feel embarrassed jojo this site is here to help you. I am a mother too, its tough trying to keep on top of everything when you have anxiety. Please message me if you need to talk xx
  3. Lolly

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    Hi PJ nice to meet you i am new here too! I hope you are feeling ok today! 🙂
  4. I am new here and have never used a forum like this before! I am 37 years old mother of 2 and have been suffering from anxiety my whole life. I was only properly diagnosed with GAD about 4 years ago, along with possible ADHD and depression. I have been on and off anxiety medication and antidepressants for 10 years now and although they have helped, for me the side effects have outweighed the positive effects of the medication. Under the care of my psychiatrist I have been advised to come off venlafaxine (which I was on 150mg) I have successfully come down to 75mg without too many issues and now have started on 37,5 for the next 2 weeks. After that it will be one 37.5mg tablet every other day for 2 weeks and that will be me off them completely. I also take propananol 30mg and im coming off those too. This is the beginning of my journey to get some of my life back as ive been in a medicated cloud for too long now and want to feel myself again. I am very anxious about how things will go and any advice you all may have or support would be so much appreciated. Thank you xxxxx