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  1. I was diagnosed with depression after suffering from two consecutive miscarriages. I have no kids but I have experience in taking care of my sister's mischievous son for some days even in a state of depression. I tried physiotherapy treatment and it really went well for me. It has helped me to stay away from my negative thoughts and being physically fit. It has helped me to deal with depression. I know handling a child who is mischievous or having behavioral issues is not easy. You can engage those kids in playing some interesting games or activities that make them stay calm. It is a trick that I have tried in case of handling with kids. I hope it may help you.
  2. I am from Mississauga. I was searching for a way to get relief from my negative feelings and thoughts and heard about acupuncture. After having 2 consecutive miscarriages, I went into a state of depression, anxiety, and stress. My husband has given me good emotional support. But I can understand his feelings too. I am looking forward to seeing my doctor and to do the testing process to know what is causing miscarriage. I am ready to become pregnant again. But the fear of miscarriage is making me so sad, anxious and stressed. A friend told me about this as it provides peace of mind and relief. Had anyone tried this treatment here? Does it really work? Is it possible to do acupuncture when conceiving? Please share your suggestions and feedbacks.