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  1. Hello and Yes I itched and itch all over and the more I would and do scratch the more I will itch.. Head, Face , arms , hands , legs .. I will get itchy hives and scratch and this makes them worse . I calm down the hives and itching will subside. Our skin is very sensitive we that deal with mental health- anxiety and panic will deal with so many symptoms and one is itching. Now I will say that I did develop dermatitis due to stress which is worse then itchy skin symptoms but nothing serious i am using lotion and special shampoo for it and it is getting better. Try and not Google it only makes things worse and the more we think the more we will itch and scratch and worry it is something horrible.
  2. Hello Maria and yes I am one that does myself and the more I am anxious the more I Itch and scratch then pick. !! We get rashes and hives and then scratch and spread them or the dry skin you can not see which does itch . Very common in those of us with anxiety and panic along with depression. I am so sorry you are dealing with this . Take care Pink..
  3. Thank you so much for the update and I believe it is a great merge and hopefully will bring many more people who are seeking help . Both sites have been very low in attendance for awhile.. I myself have stopped in both places. Chatrooms needed with chat alert when someone enters.. would be really helpful . Thanks so much !!
  4. Awesome job on the site Total !!! I am just getting around to reading more on this site and checking things out and looks really nice and it is so great that more work is happening !!!