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  1. Yea as soo nasty I get things under control and go to therapy again I should be thithis really does help though.
  2. Me too the burning skin thing is new though right before bed itll feel like ice going through my chest. Then of course one of my friends was like you could have multiple sclerosis and my anxiety loved that idea.. lol
  3. I dont know if you would still even have this forum.. but I have this.. in the last few months has it gotten better for you? I get the electric sensation in my chest. And the buzzing when I fall asleep. And if I don't get up fully then try to fall asleep. I will have sleep paralysis and get stuck in a loop of that.
  4. Does anyone else have sleep paralysis that you feel your whole body is vibrating and it gets more intense the more you try to get out if it. And when you do manage to you can accidently fall back asleep and it's a loop...
  5. I have been off lexepro for about 2 months. Wednesday night I had a panic attack that left a weird tingling sensation in my chest. Which of course gave me anxiety all day. So I was afraid to sleep. I finally told my husband I needed to go to the hospital. I had worked all day with no change. I did go. But the nights following I've been having intense sleep paralysis. Not when I go to bed and wake up. But when I try to go back to sleep after waking up. In the episode I have intense vibrations all throughout my body and when i try to move it gets worse. Most of the time as soon asI. About to get out of them I will fall asleep again and start the cycle over. They have me back on lexepro and xanax and a beta blocker for the day time. But just now I got an intense burning sensation thought my whole body. I'm one and I really really need help...