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  1. I wake up every night. I tend to have a sleeping problem where I can't sleep for the life of me and I can go days without sleep. It's so unhealthy however because my body is physically exhausted and my mind is not. I have not been diagnosed with insomnia, but I also haven't gone to a doctor for these sleeping problems. I hate sleeping now because if I do happen to fall asleep (usually for 1-4 hours in total) I wakeup constantly (typically 3 times or more a night). But I wakeup from horrific nightmares every time. These nightmares are so terrifying every time I wakeup I'm screaming and sobbing, and can usually remember most of the nightmare. They are hard to shake off and they are completely different every night except for 2 reoccurring night terrors I have at least once a week. I'am a very anxious person and I get anxiety attacks often and now I'm getting them from just sleeping. I just don't know what to do anymore. I've tried lucid dreaming, and it has not worked for me. Ill try and plan my dreams down to every last detail and they always turn into a nightmare and I try to change them back into a rearguard dream but then my mind takes control again an twists everything up. I'm just terrified and exhausted and completely unaware of how to rid myself of this torment.