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  1. You're probably completely fine. With that being said, oral herpes isn't a horrible disease. It's more of a nuisance -- over 50% of Americans have oral herpes.
  2. I have struggled with health anxiety throughout my life. It tends to come in waves; for example: immediately after graduating high school, I thought I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma because I had a couple of raised lymph nodes on my neck. Every year it's something different. The past couple of years it's been brain tumors, skin cancer, and heart problems. I feel like the left side of my body feels different than the right side...not numbness, but a different level of sensation to touch, if that makes sense. I had a CT, which came back normal. My doctor referred me to a neurologist for further review. I explained my symptoms to him and he seemed a bit bewildered. He ordered a MRI of my head and neck. I'm going this Wednesday and Friday to get those taken care of. I'm not really afraid of tumors anymore, since I had the CT scan. I'm now afraid of aneurysms, because I've had 2-3 great aunts/uncles who have had them. I take Zoloft and Amitriptyline daily. I just want this to all go away. Any tips for calming yourself?
  3. I had a blood test a couple months ago and discovered that my liver enzymes were rather high. I found out that it was associated with the amount of over-the-counter pain medicine I was taking. The consumption of alcohol can also increase these enzymes.
  4. When you swallow liquid (or anything), do you feel it on one side more than the other? For example: when I swallow something cold, I feel it more on the right side of my throat than the left as it's going down.