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    Tingling feet

    I feel tingle on my feet, both. All the time, except when i'm sleeping, and then when I'm awake, it appears again, I have other symptoms of anxety, a lot of them so... It could be, yes.
  2. Hello, I'm so happy to find this conversation about burning skin. Sorry for my english, i'm spanish but we don't have much information about that. I fell my legs burning, like if i've been on a beach for a weeks. It's horrible. I've been mad searching about that disorder, and every page that I visited was about horrible diseases. I have anxiety, from the death of my mother at age 42, now I have serious problems of "hipocondríaca". I was going to the doctor for differents tests about my health, RMN, CAT scan and never find something. My age is 29. In these last three days I feel my legs burning, all the time, when i'm resting or in the night the sensation is higher. Sometimes it's like a flames on a differents parts of my legs and feet. It's so so horrible and difficult to believe that it's "just" because of the anxiety. My others symptoms are tingling in my feet, all the time (no when i'm sleeping), I've had chest pain of course, muscular pains, i've been dizzy... Thank you to share your problems, it's comforting for me. Get better.