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  1. I have several types of twitchs, twitchs in popcorn mode all over the body (a random blow), small on the feet and calves 24/7, big twitchs that move my thumb for example. I have everywhere feet in the face for 2 years non stop. I am so afraid of the als. I also have vibrations and some kind of burns in the joints (not often). I do not think I have weakness or artrophy.
  2. I have twitchs all over the body for 2 years of random with 24/7 in the calves and feet. I'm afraid of having als because I read that it was a symptom. I do not have weakness. I also have vibrations in the feet. do you think this can be the als or just anxiety. I am hypochondriac since small. I m 35 years old. Thank you for your opinions
  3. thank you for your answer, do you think that the weakness is recognizable easily? 21 months of twitching all over the body and every day and a monstrous fear of als 😞
  4. thank you for everything. I feel that my body vibrates, is it a symptom of anxiety or a more serious pathology? the weird thing is that I vibrate and have fasciculations only at rest. I have nothing when I am active. I also have shoulder blade pain 😞
  5. thank you for your messages. do you think it's possible to have fasciculation every day and randomly since 20 just because of anxiety. I am so afraid of ALS. I am 35 years old and I have always been anxious and hypochondriac.
  6. Hello, I need your help even if I know it's a little out of place. I am French so sorry for mistakes.Here is my story, I went to the Caribbean in July 2017 and I went back in August 2017. When I returned to Paris, I had a fever for no reason and she left in a week. I started having burns in the body and I thought I had a sclerosis in the plate. I went on the internet read articles and read all about als. it was September 2017, since I was reading this on google, I have fasciculations all over the body in a random manner (foot, calf, hand, face, stomach, back, shoulder, arm ...) they are 24/7 on my calves and arches. I saw a doctor in September 2017, November 2017, January 2018 and nothing appeared on the blood test. I decided to go see a neurologist in May 2018 and he did tests of strength and reflex, he told me that it was anxiety and gave me antidepressants. I took xanax, magnesium, multivitamins and I still have fasciculations all over the body every day. 20 months of twitching and I'm afraid this is a warning sign of ALS. I do not think I'm weak. What do you think ? I'm 35 years old