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  1. This is a pic of the bump It's kinda difficult to see in the pic but there's like a small pimple like spot and under that is the lump. The lump moves away from there if I touch it though.
  2. Thank you guys for your responses. I really appreciate it. I hate when I let it get this bad because I'm so in my.head right now I feel like it hurts but I have no idea if that's real or not anymore. I've felt like my jaw hurts, no idea if it really does. Even by statistics if I did have oral cancer the recovery rates aren't awful especially if it's early. If I'm questioning it I feel like it can't be too late stage wise given how insane I am about my health. I do find myself checking my mouth all over now thinking I feel random bumps here or there but this one feels much more prominent. I've purposely let it go for a few days not touching it at all hoping it would disappear but it didn't. I don't know what to do at this point. My doctor is naturally on vacation next week and I can only see the physician assistant. I don't have insurance to cover a dental visit right now. I'm so tired of this.
  3. Been almost two weeks and still worried. Lump hasn't gone away but the open sore is healed.
  4. Hi guys, I have had a good few months but here i am back again. I am currently having an oral cancer scare. I started brushing my teeth and flossing after not having done so for a while. I now have a BB size lump inside right beneath my lower lip. I also have an open sorry which is whiteish at the base of my lower gum. My doctor told me a canker sore and she felt the lump is related and said wait 2 weeks to see if it goes away. She knows very well about my HA and when I said I was worried about oral cancer she did not say yes or no which I cannot get out of my head. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge they can share that might help? I'm barely even functioning right now due to worry and fear. The lump is about the size of a BB and moves under the skin on the inside. Thank you guys
  5. Thank you all so much. It is amazing to be able to return here and you're all as helpful as ever. I appreciate all of you
  6. Hi guys, It's been a while since I've been here cause I'd been doing better to a tolerable level. Tonight I was holding my.cat and his back claw dug through my shirt and scratched me like right in the center of my chest. It drew blood. Within about 20 minutes I washed it with soap and water and then applied Neosporin. I am sitting here absolutely stuck in fear that I'm gonna get cat scratch fever, it will infection my heart due to being right on my chest, and then I'll die. My cat is an indoor only car and it was only half an hour between it happening and treatment but I am absolutely frozen in fear. I feel like I can't do anything because what's the point ive already got a death sentence. Please guys I could really use your support right now and if you have any helpful info I'd really appreciate it very much.
  7. Thank you guys. I am trying to accept it. I don't know why I keep looking for reasons to be unwell. It sucks. I so appreciate all your support.
  8. I got the ultrasound results today and it said "No specific sonographic findings indentified." "The exam was limited by body habitus." My doctor wrote in her note to me that my ultrasound was normal and she doesn't believe the mass is related to the elevated inflammatory markers and the next step would be autoimmune bloodwork. I am having an incredibly hard to accepting my ultrasound is normal when it sounds an awful lot like they didn't see anything at all on the ultrasound despite there being a clear lump that exists.
  9. You're making good choices by living a healthier lifestyle which is a positive effect of the HA. The negative side is you're stressing yourself out all the time and depriving yourself of sleep which makes it even worse. My suggestion personally would be therapy. I still struggle with physical things even right now I am going through an episode but the more you are able to recognize it is a mental problem once logical physical problems are ruled out the better. Even if you "relapse" take it one step at a time. Good luck.
  10. I am currently going through a really bad lump worry myself. I get that it is absolutely crippling with fear because most things you read on the internet are extreme circumstances. You're doing the right thing relying on supports etc to help you through. I am lucky enough to have insurance so I am getting mine checked but honestly if it gets worse and you start noticing other symptoms I think it might be worth it to get it checked out somewhere. Maybe there is a sliding scale fee clinic somewhere or something. It's really up to you when that would be. I would try to force myself to not touch it for a few days and see what happens. I recognize that is SO hard but it may get easier if you stop noticing it so much. I hope you feel better soon.
  11. Kaos424

    Good News

    Really glad to hear it! Hope you are basking in sweet sweet relief
  12. All I have for an update at the moment is I had the ultrasound and the tech said he thought lipomas and he wouldn't worry about it but come back to Dr if they get bigger. Dr did a blood test on my ESR and C-Reactive Protein levels to check those and they're high but not as high as they were before. My ESR is at 26 right now where normal is 0-15. She said to try to remain calm since she needs to look over the ultrasound and that cancer typically has much higher ESR but that something is off somewhere to cause that. So now I wait. Thank you guys so much for all your continued support and concern. It is appreciated very much.
  13. I checked my lab work from when I was in New York and over the span of around a year or so my ESR stayed elevated at around 65. Normal is 0-15. I have read that for some people the only signs of lymphoma are high ESR and a lump.I've got pain in my neck and lower back. I am super concerned that something is going on and has been for a while and was just missed. I cannot seem to shake this. Ultrasound is tomorrow and I am having such a difficult time even functioning right now. All I can think of is I have cancer and how I am going to leave behind my 2 year old daughter.
  14. What I don't get is I show no signs of infection. I show no signs in my blood work of really anything wrong. I have two lumps under each arm but the ones on the left feel significantly larger. I feel like if it were an infected gland or node or cancer it would show in bloodwork and if it were a Lipoma I wouldn't have matching bumps but smaller on the other side. I really just don't get it but I'm still stuck in this endless cycle of whatever it is is definitely bad and will kill me for sure.