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  1. I have exact same itch and fears. How are you now did it go.
  2. Thank you so much. Did yours jump from place to place. Even when my clothes touch my skin in places it starts to itch. My scalp even my nose.
  3. posted this before in GAD but meant to post it here. Constant stress for months over abdo paind. Ultrasound in July clear and ct end last year OK. but now itching all over body. Started on neck and I googled now so scared its cancer. Has anyone else have this. It moves from place to place. Please help me.
  4. I have been very stressed lately. Yesterday chest and neck itched. Had a couple of times this time I panicked and googled and now have itches all over. Anyone else had this.
  5. Does anyone get a heavy weak feeling in one leg. I often have over the years when very anxious. It almost aches but is not weak. Tested with my Husband and almost pushed him over. Can't understand why only one side.
  6. Please dont think me mad but when i look at a window and then at a dark item like a tv screen and close one eye I see quickly moving transparent lines. Loads of fhem. They are not like my usual floaters though at times I can see them. They move down so quickly and it is scary. I only see it if I close one eye. Both eyes are the same. Lots and lots of horizontal lines running down. It is so odd I cannot even find anything on Google. I know brain tumours can cause visual problems but I have no double vision etc. And it is only when I first look at something bright. Having health anxiety I am now doing it all the time today. Happened by accident yesterday. Just watching tv sun was bright through curtain and I touched my forehead and must have shut one eye. Please if anyone can explain. The lines are not all over the screen but in a sort of rectangle.
  7. Please help me. I am so scared. I have had this sensation of irritation below not behind my sternum sort of solar plexus area. It makes me want to cough to ckear it. I was not short of breath till today. Even talking I feel s.o.b. have had these flares before but dont undrstand what it is. Had clear chest x ray 2 weeks ago and have had chest cts when it was bad before. I also have a small hiatal hernia. Has anyone else had this. I have no infection but a mucus cough. Also have silent rerlux but I am convinced it is lung cancer. Can this just be caused by my anxietynover the irritation I mentioned. Please anyone I am shaking with fear.
  8. Can anyone tell me if ibs can cause pains in your upper thigh on side, I am worried it is bone cancer. Had x rays hip pelvis all ok but would it show. Have ibs and lower left pains but can it refer to leg. This started a few days after a brutal colonoscopy without sedation which I had due to my anxiety over the ibs pains. Again fine but now this. Please has anyone had pains there with ibs. I have awful cancer phobia so need any help I can get
  9. I know I suffer with health anxietyand realise shortness of breath is a symptom I have had for a few days now a feeling of severe breathlessness, just moving across the room etc it feels like my breath is sticking just below my sternum where ribs cage mets in the hollow I feel very tired and shaky saw Dr had bloods, cxr and ecg all clear has anyone had this sensation with their ha I have had a lot of symptoms lately which come and go but this is scary
  10. Jonathan thank you for your reply. I did smile as we are both from Kent Uk feel bit better today but have a terrible cancer phobia which is hard to deal with
  11. Please guys has anyone had constant extreme fatigue, feel sob as if it is sticking below sternum, heart racing feel weak I am so scared have been under lots of stress for 5 years but this is awful I have bad health anxiety and am Imaging every sort of cancer used a steroid nasal spray for a weak and it seemed to make this all worse I had felt tired before but not like this Feel like I have no energy at all. I am asthmatic and use Qvar 2 puffs a day so wondered if the steroids have made me feel so tired Just clutching at straws I guess Have had this in past for short spells not all day Please if anyone else suffers like this please help Just talking makes me feel breatless but CO2 stas normal
  12. Please help . I am in such a state of fear. I have had pains, aroubd my ribcage for about a year. Have had several x rays, scans ecg etc. A couple of days ago I noticed a tight almost pulling feeling below my left breast over the ribcage. It is not a pain exactly just an odd feeling. I am terrified I have cancer in my ribcage. It does not bother me at night but I am so aware of it. Have had acupuncture for the other pains which helped a bit for a while. It just feels tight but not all around just on the front cartilidge part of ribcage below the breast. Does anyone else suffer with this. Am so scared and I know you guys unnderstand.
  13. I am currently having pains lower left abdo almost pelvic area, they are a horrid ache but what worries me is that it hurts to sit forward or bend to that side. I feel like I am squashing something. I worry it is ovarian cancer. Last year I had severe rightt low abdo pain. Had 2 ultrasounds, 3 cts abdo and pelvis and all clear. Last ct was Nov. I am worried something has grown since. I suffer awful health anxiety and especially about ovaries. I am 65 so not young. Have had ibs for years but last few attacks were on right. Did used to get them on left but dont know if they hurt to move etc. Does anyone have ibs and have these symptoms I am very afraid Maria
  14. maria26

    Rib Pain

    You are a good man Bob, you have helped me so much. It is so difficult when we need support and our nearest and dearest just dont get it. Reassurance is so important with h.a, we know we are not drs here but we understand and it helps to know others have had the same symptoms. Maria
  15. maria26

    Rib Pain

    Dear all, thank God for all of you and this group. Pinky, you have described how I am perfectly. Wont bore you all with my story but I spent years caring for my parents, no regrets, and my Mum died of cancer when I was in my 20s and that started the h.a. yes, I have pressed so hard my back is bruised. I have twisted to look round the back and I should be Intelligent enough to know why I am getting sore . One last question for Bob and anyone who had stabs twinges etc. Did you feel this when at rest and not moving as that is my last concern as I accept it will hurt on movement So glad to have found you all as people that dont have h.a. cannot understand. My lovely husband justs says well, dont touch it, or dont worry. He does not worry about aches, pains. Must be wonderful to not have that fear. Regards Maria
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    Rib Pain

    Thank you guys, bob did you ever get twinges of pains on or around ribs, I know ribs are painful in places tompush on but even when I am sitting I get these slight stabs. Hate this health anxiety and in my case cancer phobia I am not anxious over other health conditions. Good to hear the ct chest with contrast would detect rib cancer and i have had x rays as well. Would not worry now but these stabs pain in area scare me. I admit twisting to look at back and lots of prods. Would be great to know if anyone else like this. I am very very anxious
  17. maria26

    Rib Pain

    Once again I am so scared that I am shaking. My ribs are tender to touch. I had a few twinges there a couple weeks ago, immediately started pushing very hard and found they hurt in places. I can feel a vein or something over most of the areas but have pushed so hard I am bruised. Now I am getting stabs of pain over the lower right ribs at back area which is worrying me more. I am afraid it is cancer in the ribs. I know I sound mad. I have also been twisting to see the area in the mirror so perhaps I have done all this. My anxiety is escalated everytime it hurts. I have had pains since jan. Between spine and shoulderblade. Have had x rays etc the last was sat. When i panicked over the lower ribs but all was clear. I then read x rays dont always show anything. When i press on the rib some areas are painful and i only pressed there to start because I had got twinges. Had ct chest shortly before rhe upper pains started and dr said ct great for seeing ribs. So would not do another scan. Saw a therapist who said upper back pain was myofascial pain got some relief from acupuncture but this lower rib pain is now scaring me. Anyone else with ribs that hurt Thank you
  18. Strange question this but has anyone felt worse once their latest anxiety has been resolved. This has happened to me since yesterday. Have had extreme stress worry for months, the last few weeks I have been frantic with fear. Had a test which has at least resolved one or two of my fears and as a result my constant panic has eased. Problem is I now feel so very exhausted, tired. I can barely walk a few steps without this feeling plus I am sob and my breath feels it sticks in solar plexus. Have had this many times well the sob and had a ct for it in sept all clear, also heart etc checked. My oxygen sats are normal etc. So I feel it is connected with my long term stress but can anyone explain why it is like this after my worries have eased. Many thanks
  19. So sorry to ask another question but for a couple of days I have been getting pains just below not under my right ribs and in back at same level. Googled and am now worried it is liver cancer. I had 3 cts last year with contrast last in Nov but worry it has grown since. I have had this pain prior to tests but dont remember it being so tender below ribs. Suffer badly with ibs as well and have been very stressed. Also had 2 ultrasounds abdo last in June. Can anyone help me who has had this or understands. My family think I am mad
  20. I am so stressed I have awful health anxiety. Have had pains between spine and shoulderblade for a couple of months. Saw consultant who said burstitis and it would go, it has not. Had cts of chest relatively recently which he checked all well. Now apart from my original pain a couple of my ribs are very tender when touched on the top parts where I think the muscles join. So, of course I push and push for reassurance that it is tissue and not bone. I am quite thin and not much fat there so I am sore but cannot stop worrying I have cancer of the rib. What I wondered was is it possible this is normal and I never noticed as I never pushed there. Does anyone elses ribs feel tender. It is not agony just tender. I know I sound mad. I have had so many cts x rays mris for various health worries. Thing is the chest ct was 4 months before this pain worsened but I did have it mi, dly then and then it went till jan. Please if anyone can help I am so scarec.
  21. Anyway, thank you for your help
  22. Hi I am new here have used anxiety zone in the past but discovered it is no more so pleased to find this site. I am so scared so frightened I cannot function. Suffer terrible health anxiety. Have been getting a pain between spine and shoulderblade for a while. Have had it bad in 2014 and after mris it went. Smaller attacks but since 6 weeks this has been constant. Saw consultant who said shoulderblade burstitis but I think it is cancer in ribs or shoulderblade. He said you had a chest ct with contrast in Sept and I did have this pain mildly then and ct was clear. He said it would just go and he knows how afraid I am. Does anyone else get this. It feels sore tender and aches. Even just walking seems to shake it up. It is not agony but is annoying and can burn. When I am calmer I realise it does not feel bony but I dont know what it would feel like. Have googled myself silly. I keep rubbing, poking making sure it is not bone. I know I sound mad. I hope people do respond on this site as most other sites they dont. Really need your help Maria