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  1. Sick and tired of this shit! greedy scumbags, TONS of fucking tryhards! friends that backstabs you, annoys you, beggers, peasents, fuck this city and the people that i know in my life FUCK ALL OF YOU SHITHEADS!!!!!!
  2. Thank You Sooo very much! i'm literally in tears right now, you seriously know i'm feeling right about now at theis very moment, it means alot deep in my special heart!!
  3. i'm in deep anxiety and i don't have any true friends nor any family members to help me out and i honestly do not know who to turn too would be so kind to help a male in his mid 20's? I did terrible things this week and everyone makes fun of me for doing "idiotic" things and yes it is my fault but no one taught me how to do things before and i feel like a numskull and should this end my life for the sake of everyone in my life! I'm always jealous of people in fun and great relationships with kids (or non-kids) and i'm here at 22 with nothing at all i suck at life ever since during elementary and middle school (a little in high school but not much) and i just feel that no one in the world understands my passion and soul, i'm a very polite guy and could say to gentle for the dark nasty world i reside in, i know it can be changed but people refuse to adapt it seems and i wanted to be the nicest person i can to hopefully give hope to others but it's very tough convincing that too most or some. Right now i need your guys help to help me out feel like a better person again! Right now i'm full of anger and depression to move on any longer this year so far...