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  1. I agree pythonian, trust me if I wasn't having the weight gain an bedroom issues I would have no problem staying on the Zoloft. It's a good medication, def made my anxiety level stay at a low moderate state. I'd have maybe a few anxious days every few weeks on it, slept great. I've noticed now since I've been off that I have anxious days few times a week, almost daily. My sleep is so so too. Like right now it's 1am , I had turned over on my side to sleep and few minutes later that anxious feeling kicked in an now I'm up jittery an can't sleep. Every other night seems like I can't sleep good. I'm actually getting on a med insurance plan come march an will hopefully start seeing a primary doctor on the regular, which is something I've never had while dealing w these issues, so I'm hoping to be able to get some doctor guidance on what to do . Just want to feel normal again like I had been before going off it. Rough up and down start to the year
  2. Yea I've noticed my sleep has been getting bad since I got off. Last night I felt fine, hour later woke up anxious an jittery, had to go outside an walk down the street to get that anxious to panic attack feeling down. I was telling my brother today that when I was on Zoloft I never complained of sleep. I slept great, didn't need a sleeping aid or anything. Now I sometimes need zzzquil to get sleepy. Here's my thing, before getting on Zoloft I too was hesitant, didn't want to rely on meds just to feel normal. But I got on them, an they did help a lot the past few years. Felt better an got off, still on a benzo though. If it wasn't for the weight gain and issues in the intimacy department I'd not even think about it an get back on them. So maybe I'm still adjusting to not having them, but I'm going to try a few alternatives, an if those fail an I keep getting more anxious an quality of life just plain sucks, I'll go back on.
  3. Hey everyone. I've dealt with anxiety an mild depression for ten years now, I'm 29. Back in 2014 I wasn't working and had a bad panic attack which spun me into a depressed state for 3-4 months. I had finally seemed help an was put on Zoloft 100mg. I was taking that daily as well as my benzo I take daily. I ended up getting a job around that time, an with a busy schedule an taking mess I felt real good an back to my old self. So fast forward to about June 2016, I'd only take Zoloft maybe 2x a week , then once a week an still felt ok. Then around nov 16 started taking it maybe once every other week an just stopped. Was doing ok, then holidays came around an passed, had some depression kick in, which I figured was just holiday blues since I get like that when they pass an vacations over. But the last three weeks of the new year I'm starting to get anxiety pretty frequently. Tonight I was going to sleep an a hour later, woke up anxious, jittery, felt like on the verge of a panic attack. So I sit here an I'm thinking what the hell is going on lately. I had been doing so well an never thought I'd be dealing with this stuff again. My Rama n friends keep telling me to get back on Zoloft. I'm hesitant because it caused weight gain an I'm wanting to start losing some an get active again. I don't know what to do. Has anyone done good on a antidepressant an went off an felt ok then started getting anxiety issues again? My mind keeps saying to start getting active an healthy an just stick it out an I can be fine not on them, but it's stressful going through the anxiety again an was ok while on Zoloft. Sorry for the long rant, I know it's up to me just confusing right now
  4. Hey everyone. Been having some anxiety episodes rearing its ugly head to start the year after having a few good years. Went to az but it was gone so I'm here. Hope everyone's doing ok