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  1. Although I haven't heard about any long term effects of the drugs, it's always worth doing a bit of research on the area. I know people who have been taking SSRIs for many years and they've told me they haven't had any. It's definitely a good idea to speak to your psych though as they will know best. If they're a good one they'll give you the pros and cons of both. Mine didn't tell me about the immediate side effects to start! Hope it goes well ☺
  2. So I've been looking for a forum for a while and decided this is the place for me! My name is Jess and I suffer from GAD. I never thought what I was feeling was actually a real thing as I'd been suffering for many years before I got my diagnose. But I've decided not to let it define me. I'm looking forward to helping others like me! I don't want others suffering in silence like I did. I just wanted to say that I actually run a blog on anxiety (plus living frugally and organised) because I want to open up discussions. Feel free to take a look! Its: Looking forward to meeting you all!