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  1. I am really tired. Tired of questioning myself if I am imagining this sad feeling in the pit of my stomach, shivering body, aches and the need to cry when everything in my life is fine according to the socially accepted norms. All I want to do is sit and cry and I can't explain why. I have been on anti depressants and while the good days have increased, the bad days really take me to the abyss. I now empathize with people who commit s****de. I am sick of hearing that voice that says I am good for nothing and that dissolving my existence will solve everything. I love my work, so much that ups and downs at work dictate my personal life. I am doing well, but burnt out and break down too often. I haven't cried as much as I have cried in this year. Am I mad? What is happening? Is this something that I am imagining? Please help. I am tired of looking at faces who want to help me but don't understand what is going through in me. Pl help!