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  1. I have had a binge eating disorder for most of my life but only very recently was officially diagnosed...i didn't even know such a diagnosis existed; i thought i was just out of control and it only happened to me. i feel i am very much at the beginning of my 'recovery' and i am looking for some advice. i dont feel like i eat when i'm feeling down or stressed etc...maybe i do and i just don't realise. i do when im bored certainly. can anyone recommend some good helpful tips or some foods that they have found useful to help stopping them binge or something to snack on (besides just fruit and vegetables) thanks
  2. Hi I am looking to join the chat room and i understand i need to write something first. i am looking for a bit of support and advice i suppose. i've had an eating disorder for a very long time (although only just been diagnosed) and as mentioned i'm just really looking to speak to people who have been in the similar situation. thanks