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  1. shortness of breath and hot flashes. whats that about? should i worry

  2. Good evening joycicle Thank you for your kind words. Since i found AC i look forward to logging on each day. You are so right Anxiety didn't "JUST HAPPEN" . my story is not personal but its long. the gist of it is this, my mom is a c****r patient (12yrs). she's been struggling with the disease since fall 2014 it is very emotionally taxing for me. Ther are lots of other things that attributued to my anxiety but thats the main thing. hind sight being 20/20 i was displaying signs of major stress for weeks before I had my first attack. I'm journaling my story in hopes to help myself and others who may have the opprotunity to read it. Religion can be confusing. I'm a spiritual being and I worship my creator in spirit and in truth. May the spirit of comfort keep you and I encourage you to walk by faith and not by sight on your journey of seeking a new sprititual life. Peace and Blessings.
  3. hi Louise im new to this site im a victim of generalized anxiety disorder -GAD. im sorry about your loss. i've learned that everyone on this site is every supportive. I hope u can find comfort from those who can identify with your circumstances. Peace & Blessings ~Committed
  4. Ditto to everthing u said Jon. My reality is this, i've been arrested by anxiety since March 24, 15. I'm challenged by it day by day. In therapy I'm working on cognitive behaviors. Prior to being a victim of GAD I stood firm in my faith, and i'll always remain a true believer of Jesus Christ. That being said, my recovery depends on me I can fight or flee and like u said runners are pursued so i will fight. I'm gratful for Anxiety Central and how its connected me to people i can identify with. My goal is to share words that will both edify me and other members of this site. ~Committed
  5. hey mom im no expert but jon is sooo right. "For what a man THINKS. . . . .he is" we have to be greater than our circumstances. dont conform to what anxiety says you are, renew your mind. its not easy but its necessary. peace and blessings ~Committed "God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love and of a sound mind" 2timothy 1:7
  6. "For what a man thinks. . . he is" Speak life into your situation, and encourage yourself!!!! Sometimes its hard to do especially on a day when anxiety is at its peak and raising all kind of havoc. But in the mist of your storm tell yourself "I will not be defeated" "I'm more than a conquerer" and believe it. i have days of dispare but even with tears in my eyes and my body trembling i remind anxiety it cannot win. i say it aloud so that my words pierce the atmosphere. "ANXITEY YOU CAN'T WIN" I belong to God. ~Committed
  7. candi im sorry i wasnt there for u at 11am when u first posted. i hope u have found your peace and are experiencing some type of normalcy by now. i plan to be in the chat room tonight around 9pm. please drop in so we can chat. i was in there for the first time last night talking to some really nice people and it hepled me hopefully it will help u too. peace and blessings ~committed
  8. KH yes im in therapy, tomorrow makes week 4. i have a script for Lexapro but trying to hold off. what titles do you recommend from Clair Weekes? ~committed
  9. thank you kH and Jon for your responses i will look into Weekes books. ive been sticking with bibical scritures for encourrage ment. by the way one side bar for some reason i cant se what im typing does anyone know how to fix this?
  10. still in the discovery phase. but I can tell you that it has put my life on hold. GAD keeps has taken me away from life as i know it. I chose the name committed because im committed to complete restoration. One crucial discovery is this "it s okay to be selfish and take Care of Yourself" I today I know that is the lesson i missed.
  11. About a month ago I was interrupted by what I now know is GAD.
  12. Hi I'm a new suffer GAD and I'm really hoping to get support from this group. Right now I feel like I'm in this alone. Yes I have great family support but I need to touch bases with someone who can identify with what I'm experiencing