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  1. You have just explained the reason for your symptoms. Sometimes we have to trust ourselves! I recently got diagnosed with IBS so obviously I went home and looked at all these horror stories of what I could actually be! But we just need to focus on what is happening to our bodies, what they are linked to and leave it at that! Good luck ☺️
  2. This is so random but for ages I've suspected something wrong with my left Breast, checks are all clear. Like I hated my left Breast! All of a sudden today, I suspect c****r in my right Breast, even though nothing has changed! I'm seeing different parts of my body different day to day. Our minds are crazy powerful things. I'm glad I'm at a stage I realise this!
  3. I'm so glad other's have experienced it! I went to The doctors last week to have my Breast checked and the doctor said all felt normal. I'm just having to realise that my left breast has always been lumpier. Yoga I have found really helps with my back! I only work part time at the moment so I have more time to dwell in it so when I start working full time I hope this helps! Thank you for all your replies, really grateful!
  4. Hello, New here I have recently been diagnosed with health anxiety and am on a waiting list for CBT, I have had a really good week, no pains, nothing! Last couple of days I have been having a slight ache in my upper left breast, sometimes feels like pressure on my heart...I was just curious because could the ache be linked to my heart? This triggers my anxiety. Its such a random place, I wanted to see if other people had anything similar or random triggers. I know if i keep thinking about it it will get worse and all my other symptoms will start! Just be nice to talk