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  1. Thank you so much. Anxiety is such a bizarre thing. There is no pain but the spasms have infiltrated my dreams as well at times, although the odd time I have just woken up and the corner of my mouth and cheek was twitching. Always about six times and stops. When it is in my cheek, it is more like a very quick shaking, about five or six times then also always stops. During the day, it never comes back. Until the next night. I was given a prescription for Flexeril to take at night. Not sure if it will work. I am a bit paranoid now to go to sleep which is probably also triggering. The doctor told me to stay off Dr. Google but added that if it didn't go away they could order a CT scan. I don't think he believed I needed one as he did not feel this was focal seizures. He said the presentation of brain tumours is usually headaches, dizziness and focal seizure might be an entire half of the face twitching. In my case, it is definately just the jaw muscle or cheek and side of mouth. And I have had a lot of eye twitching recently.
  2. For the last month and now every day pretty much for the last week, i am woken up after my cheek on the right side beside my mouth, vibrates for a few seconds. It is different from bfs muscle twitches. I made the mistake of Googling and of course it came up focal seizures and brain tumour. I know I snore as my daughters have often told me this. The first few times it was actually in my dreams and then I woke up, but now I am closer to waking. The bad news is once I am awake, that's it. Any snorers here with something similar?
  3. For the last month I have been woken by my right cheek vibrating a few times very quickly then stopping. I do get benign muscle twitches but this is different and it is very upsetting. I know I snore and wondering if somehow it is transfering to my mouth /cheek and stress is causing me notice it more. As I am not sleeping deeply. I have been very stressed. My doctor was stymied. My dentist will make bite plates but it is not really muscular. I am terrified it is a focal seizure from a brain tumour. Once I am fully awake I seem fine. I made the mistake of reading most malignant brain tumours involve focal seizures. Does this sound like one? It only lasts a few seconds but has gone from once a week to nearly once a night. Then I am awake the rest of the night. Can snoring make this happen. It is only on one side that I feel it. I know snoring involves vibrating tissues.