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  1. Everything sucks

  2. Hey, just an insight... Just because your mom passed and didn't know didn't mean you will have the same fate.. People die everyday from things that are out of your control. You can't live your life worried about how you will die, rather live each day like it's your last. No one can predict how they will perish.. I could say more but I hope you can find the comfort in knowing that when it's your time just try to live as much as you can each day, so if it is your time you die... You die happy and know that you lived life to the fullest.. I'm on my phone. But I wanted you too know you can't control the uncontrollable..
  3. Dont let the people you delt with make you someone people deal with

  4. Sometimes you need to stop focusing on everyone else, and start focusing on you..

  5. Sorry I'm replying on my phone so some words may be not what I intended...
  6. I really like the fact that my negative post turned into something as refered to as "beautiful" it quite is... As I said people do stem my anxiety but the fact that people also show me sometimes that not everyone is "hateful" and mean... I just want to see more of people being kind to each other not for gain of anything other than just being kind to someone.. Lately a long lately I see nothing other than people being ruffe, mean, hateful, cruel to each other.. That hurts because trying to be a good person is toned by the negatively of bad people.. I do understand that maybe bad people as I see them may be from "discomfort" in their own lives that they too are lashing out at... It's hard to know what someone else is going through.. People tend to put their own emotions before others.. I too am guilty of that.. What I think I'm trying to say is it's good to see a little good.. Like was said the post was beautiful.. Thank you
  7. Hey here us go jimbo.
  8. It sucks right.. I'm sorry you feel that way.. I know how much it sucks.. Make me angry but I hide it .. Wish I could hide from the world sometimes. But you can't....
  9. It doesn't matter this is just a glimmer of how I perceive people... It would take forever to explain what I really mean to say..
  10. People.. That's my root.. Everything about them.. Wish I could crawl in a hole. But I have to work, deal with social interactions.. The store, work, every where... I just want to be like a hermit crab and curl away and hide in shell..ugh..
  11. Im sorry this is my mind im not debating with you..this is what goes through my head..
  12. Jon, Thank you..I know people are born everyday and I also know people die biggest problem is "Good" people die everyday...I also know that "bad" people live life making other peoples life miserable when good people die. To be honest..would i want to fly with a pilot that is without fear..yes. a pilot without fear shows confidence and experience, an explorer without fear is a conqueror...Id rather fly with the pilot that knows his destination will be reached and an explorer that has faith in his path cause hes already been there...hes already flew that flight plan.. than go with someone that fears the outcome and doesnt take the chance. Fear creates issues that in a normal situation would not be there.. you can acknowledge that it may not go as planned but have the confidence that the destination would be reached. A person who fears a conclusion usually gets negative results. Life is a maze and yes the maze "is" there..because in any maze there are obstacles and that is exactly what life is...The reason I have anxiety is through experiences in my life brought me to a point where i no longer care to walk through the maze of life and i feel i no longer want to be that mouse that gets the rather be the mouse that sets down and says is the cheese really worth it...too many cuts and corners to follow for a result that will just end in another maze to get the cheese..yes I am still a hungry mouse...but eventually if you never get the cheese you start to believe it isnt even there.
  13. So the past few days have been really hard for me..Ive been more depressed than having and panic attacks. Its like a rollercoaster of emotions, one second I am really happy then the next im so depressed. All of a sudden I cry for no reason, I try to hide it but its hard when you are stuck at a press all day. I know that it is normal to feel sad, angry, scared...but these emotions usually have a trigger to feel them. Mine are out of no where. I got some bad news today about someone passing away I knew very well. But i couldnt get upset, Its like death really doesnt bother me as much because over the last few years there has been so many. I feel bad because the people around me have to see my ups and highs and lows. I couldnt imagine being in their shoes and dealing with me on a daily bases. So if its not one thing its another...the vicious cycle. I hope I can snap out of this feeling soon.
  14. Bria


    Glad you are here Jen, hope you find this site as useful as I have so far.. Welcome