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  1. I have dealt with stomach issues literally my whole life directly related to my anxiety. I often feel nauseous right before an attack or during, or the nausea can cause the attack… its sort of a vicious cycle at this point. I totally think that what you are feeling is normal and have come to learn our bodies and minds can latch on to a different feeling and make it feel so much more intense than it is. I have realized this as there have been times I have gone off of my meds thinking, "I'm good!" - only to find the strange head sensations have returned (for an example). I have them all the time most likely, but when I am "well" I do not even notice them like the average person - when I am unwell, the second I feel something in my body out of wack, I latch onto it and it becomes some HUGE thing.
  2. Hi there. Thank you both for taking the time to reply and say hello. As for big changes, yes there are a lot of them at the moment. Job change, moved this last week and getting married at the end of September. Thank you for the advice in regards to the diary. It is one I have tried in the past but not for many years. K.
  3. Hello everyone. Long time sufferer of anxiety and I am now in my mid-30s. Going through a rough patch anxiety wise right now and really having a rough time. Mind is endlessly on and running through all crazy thoughts and feelings. Hope to learn some coping skills I have not already read about from some of you. Kristin