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  1. Thank u all for the warm welcome. It is such a huge relief to finally find people who understand. As for the benzo weaning, it's going very slow. I've went from 10mgs 3 times a day for so many llong yrs to 5mgs 1 time a day and found I can go bout 2 days without one but that 3rd day usually I start getting a sick feeling. Body feels heavy, vertigo and just yucky feeling kicks in. :-\ but I try to focus on how far I've came and not get upset about it. It's so frustrating that doctors got me dependent on these and now they don't want to prescribe them anymore. It's ridiculous. So anyway thanks again u are all sooo sweet and caring. Makes me smile. Peace....
  2. I've been looking for a site where people understand anxiety and the burdens that come with it. I've suffered for 15yrs. And its gotten better but know I'm trying to wean off valium after all these yrs. Just looking for anyone that has been or is going thru similar..I hope the best for everyone. Peace.
  3. hi everyone. my first day on the site.

  4. Hi I just joined this site. I was looking for people who understand anxiety and don't think I'm crazy. I've suffered 15yrs with panic attacks and for 10 years I've been on valium. I was taking 3 10mgs a day. For the last year I've got down to 5mgs one time a day. More on really bad days. I can know go 1 to 2 days with none. But that 3rd day I feel sick to my stomach, dizzy and just not right..I get discouraged and feel like I'll never be able to go without the valium. I have learned to catch the panic attack before it gets going. My best trick is lay on my back with feet up on wall so blood rushes back to the brain. Breathing slow and in a paperbag works wonders..the last yr or so, I really don't have the attacks much but I have other symptoms. I feel motion sick. Like the room is moving. My body feels like its weighted down. Just feel odd. And I fight off takin a valium until I just can't stand it anymore. Well that's a overview of my situation. Lol sorry it's so long. I'm just hoping for anyone who knows what it's like. Feeling like I'm the only person that has this problem and I'm alone in this battle...peace and love to all on this site.