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    Hey guys, so I was out tonight at a photography course, now personally, I wouldn't say I was great at the art but I would like to share my work with you that I have done over the course of 4 weeks. *Please note that this is not all my work.* Any feedback would be gratefully received and taken on board for improvements etc. Thank you in advance. T.Nova (Andy) x
  2. The movies are awesome, however I think I'm going backwards on all this books and films thing... Seen both Hunger Games so far waiting for the third, howver not read the books and will read them after watching the third. Am I normal by doing that the way I said above? haha
  3. Hiya guys and girls, My ex boyfriend, now my best friend had been diagnosed recently with Bipolar. His daily routine is that he wakes up and stays in bed for a couple of hours and sometimes not at all even though he used to be an active person. He also works of the night time also which I believe is not helping him. Other than the above, he plays video games a lot which he does as a way of escape, which again, I don't believe is helping him. Anyway, because of his bipolar, we always seem to have arguments. However tonight, it had become more voilent where communication is involved. He shouted out of the blue and felt like he wanted to die which worried me sick. Is there anything he can do to help control his condition other than seeing CBT and being on Anti-Depressants. We are both sick and tired of each other because of the armuments and something needs to be done. I don't want to give up on him as I feel that no one has given him the chance because of it. If anyone can give me suggestions to pass onto him (he wants to do something about all this also) then we would both be extremely grateful. Andy.