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  1. mornings


    hi there! you're definitely not alone. wish you all the best.
  2. Its an interesting method! I myself suffer from over sleeping. Just recently learned that there's this type of personality called "long sleepers". I wish a had a technique to sleep less
  3. Hi Junie, CBT is cosidered the most effective type of therapy for trich. Sometimes meds are used as well, but most often than not its not needed. You can learn more about different therapy methods (not involving meds) here.
  4. Hi, just joined this place, cause its relevant to my personal welbeing and I'm also interested in mental health and anxiety professionaly. Hoing to help some folks out around here and learn and develop myself. So... Hi! /morning
  5. Hi there. I'm new here too! Hi and best wishes!
  6. mornings


    Yeah you're definitely not alone with this. Anxiety can be very overwhelming and disabling sometimes. Hope you feel better!
  7. Hi Will Just want you to know that sometimes in life you have downs and sometimes ups, I really want to encourage you and try be positive, at least about the things that are really good in your life. Hope is there! Wish you all the best! /mornings