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  1. Hello, I'm going crazy from around 2 months now... started with my left eyelid twitching mostly when it's closed...( I know weird) then because I was so worried about it... searching for reasons...etc i thought I had a brain tumor( :))) yeah I know.... anxiety....I had an MRI of my brai and all clear...but after that my eyelid still twitching daily but the last month everything else started twitching too... abdomen back legs mostly...arms...etc...the ones in my legs sometimes they feel really deep and not painful but obviously I Google again and of course it says everywhere that I have mnd/als...I don't think I have any weakness... I'm working in a warehouse 8 Hours on my feet and pool lifting heavy things sometimes I haven't noticed anything...but I'm worried so much about Als.... I'm waiting for an appointment with a neurologist...3 GP that I saw they said Als doesn't start like this but internet says something else...I just don't know what it is and what is going on in my body...(I'm 28, female)