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  1. So I have been a hypochondriac for at least 15 years, it all started in high school with enlarged lymph nodes. Before the health anxiety it was just major anxiety in general. Given my raising and traumas it makes sense. Anywho... the funny part now.... I am getting panic attacks when reading about medical information. 🙃 Maybe this is God's way of helping out because honestly, I can't read about anything without extreme panic however, it does cause some issues because even slight issues that as a parent I need to deal with or for my own health when talking with a doctor I get a little panicked such as my scheduled gallbladder removal surgery on Wednesday. I want to look into recovery and what possible complications are but I can't without getting short of breath, scared, and depersonalizion. I mean, I'll take it. It's better than constantly working myself up into a panic because of what I have read. And honestly I've read enough I know what most major medical issues symptoms are and will still make an appointment if necessary. I just find the whole thing hilarious and insane to a slight degree. Others may be this way but even as harmful as I knew/know Dr. GOOGLE to be I still found a weird companion in it and now it's just a stressor. Hoping others can relate because it's weird for me. Lol
  2. Mine feel as you stated. Mostly, a hard thump but occasionally the feeling of my breath being taken or way or that my whole body just stopped for a minute. Super weird. But workup says harmless. Ugh. Lol