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  1. @Ironmanwhile I appreciate your concern, you just suggested to a person on a health anxiety forum to go to a doctor to be sure there's not something wrong with me, as if I am not there enough. Now, suggesting that a person with health anxiety go see a doctor, believe it or not, will only heighten their health anxiety. I was only trying to share a little comfort here letting this person know that I too experience it and some suggestions that may help them. Last I checked most people on this website do tend to self diagnose, not saying it's right but it's the truth. If your suggestion for people who believe they have a disorder/ disease/ condition on this website is to go see a doctor, I respect the concern however making that comment is going to cause distress to many people.
  2. Alright here I go. For over two years I have had tingling in one finger that comes and goes, sometimes goes away for months but sometimes is there day in and day out on and off for minutes at a time. The one finger is my ring finger on my left hand. I also experience muscle twitching all over, and vibrating feelings in random spots on my body. Sometimes I feel as though my vision is blurry but usually after a long day and I have recently just been for an extensive eye exam that was normal other than my typical far sightedness. I have googled MS extensively and read far too much about it. I have had fears about other conditions but MS is persistant due to my fear of "poor quality of life"/ paralysis. I did have a period last year with pain behind my left eye, but it was during allergy season and I do have severe allergies. Doesn't help that I'm also in nursing school so I learn about everything, and a professor told a story one day (two years ago) about a friend who was diagnosed with MS and "it all started with tingling in one finger". I guess im asking if anyone has tingling in just one finger also? thats the scary part for me, that its not all fingers which would make me automatically think anxiety, but one specific finger. I do have a physically demanding job and recall injury to the left forearm years ago, but I dont remember feeling this tingling then. Anyone with this fear/ similar experience would be helpful!