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    We had to fix some database issues.
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    I joined this site some 11 years ago and I know it has gone through a lot of ups and downs since then. When Gilly and friends founded the site it became one of the best, and I hope that will now continue. Does anyone know how Gilly is? It is a fact that anxiety is on the increase, and at a fast rate. Is it any surprise with the world as it is? Sites like this are badly needed. When I had GAD there were no such sites and not many had a computer. (Dinosaurs were around then!!😉). The books by Dr. Claire Weekes helped me so much, and her books and recordings are still available. I hope to be able to contribute to the site again.
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    the site is up - awesome work. If you see spam, report it!
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    @Total Eclipse Thank you!!
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    *sigh* ....I have all of those I hate when I tell someone I have anxiety and they tell me its all in my head n get over it. People who dont suffer anxiety dont realize its as much physical as it is mental. :/