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    Hi. WW. Although as man I have no concept of what it's like to have periods, thank God. I can maybe say something from my experience with patients. The menstrual cycle can be very upset by anxiety. It seems that some women stop having periods while for some it becomes erratic and heavy, . At 35 you should be nowhere near the menopause. Once your anxiety dies down things will return to normal. Being constantly stressed can affect every part of our body. Try not to make a big thing of it. It's normal in the circumstances. In some women it can be a very emotional time. If emotions run riot then it just adds to the anxiety. Once again we come back to ACCEPTANCE.
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    I got it โค๏ธ
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    I did....about 2 decades ago....and he looked at me funny. He never pursued it and I didn't pursue it either. Honestly, when it has "gone away" it's been gone for a long long long time...like years...so I forget about it. Then it comes back...and then it goes ...and then...you get the picture. I suppose I should have followed up on it but I had "other bigger anxiety fish to fry" that were taking my full attention. L PS One more thing...for what it's worth...I think I get the "flare ups" when I'm particulary upset or stressed (which I am right now) which explains my current flare up.
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    Totally understandable
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    I've had a head CT and MRI, a thoracic CT, 2 ECGs, 2 24hr heart monitors, a nerve conduction study, an amyloid PET scan (for which I travelled from Montreal to a specialist research centre in London), X-rays of my spine, lungs and leg, thyroid ultrasound and biopsy, urinalysis, and far, far too many blood tests to list. Once in a Montreal hospital I was given a form that listed every blood test their biochemistry lab offered next to check boxes. The cardiologist checked a few of them, handed me the form, and told me to take it to the lab. On the way, I took out a pen and checked every other box before handing it in at the lab. Later, the cardiologist was surprised that I'd been tested for pregnancy (I'm male)! ๐Ÿ˜…
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    Don't let the CoVid arm stop you from getting the second dose. Just let them know. Over-the-counter stuff is supposed to work. That'll be as bad as it gets. Pfizer seems to be the best one out there so far.
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    I had Pfizer, too.
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    I had Pfizer ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    Thank you...I've still been struggling with this (big surprise). Your words and experience help me tremendously. I've read varying info on how/when they might turn and what percentage do turn. I think mostly it was the lack of info from the doctor and the fact that he missed them totally...and I had to insist that he look at them that freaked me out. Like his lack of concern freaked me out. Of course, most everything freaks me out so there is that. LOL. I actually got a second opinion from another derm who took the time to answer my questions and gave me a better look around. That helped calm me down. I also did some research and found that there are dna repair enzymes in certain sunscreens that can further help to prevent AKs...proven by scientific studies. Is it "snake oil" or is it true? Who knows. but...Well...what the heck, I should be wearing my sunscreen anyway. I rarely go out in the sun because I'm so fair but now I will wear sunscreen every day no matter how much time I'm in the sun. Anyhow, I just really want to thank you for responding. Because you've been through it and have a good perspective on it..it helps A LOT...like A LOT LOT LOT. Thank you every so much. Hugs.
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    AK's MIGHT become cancerous in 30 years. Only a small fraction do, tho. Since he burned it off, it's gone for good. I've had many pop up as I aged and lots of SK's (those ugly spots). Doc burned off the ones that were in areas that bothered me cosmetically.
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    I am not trying to give you a hard time. My thoughts are that you are young enough to get your life back on track and live a more fulfilling and worry less life. You can and will succeed.
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    I have an eye disease which is monitored by a retina specialist every six months. They can't tell me when if ever it will worsen. I live with it and try not to think about it. For your own good and peace of mind you need to move on or your fear will ruin your young life.i would seek out a mental health professional.
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    It's kind of like the feeling you get when you are daydreaming (lost in thought) or tired. You are wrapping up in your thinking that you aren't paying attention to things around you. It's just the mind wandering and disconnecting from the body. Eventually, your body catches up (as your mind slows down)
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    You are actually way overthinking things. My CT scan was five years ago - to determine if I had had a hemorrhagic stroke. Nope. It was an eye hemorrhage due to pressure from a severe sinus infection from a bad electronic air purifier. The biggest headache I got from that - was knowing that it cost my insurance $1,500! I ended up paying about 20% of the $10,000 I incurred for three trips to the ER in a week. I have no effect from CT scans....and I can see out of the eye that gave me problems -> an eye doctor told me that I had severe macular degeneration and would be permanently blinded in the one eye. That's scarier than any CT scan!
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    Derealization/depersonalization is a facet of anxiety. Basically, think of it like this.....you can speak 250 words a minute, but the mind can run at 1,250 words a minute. Well, if your mind is in that turbo mode, it is going faster than the body can handle....spacey feelings. The key is to relax and focus on the present, not one exterior issues. That's a challenge for anxiety sufferers to do, and it takes practice. It can be done, though.
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    Yes, April, but you are dwelling on it. If you did not have any effects when you were 12 why would you have them now? When we are in an anxiety state reason and logic fly out of the window! But the facts still remain in spite of that. And the fact is that nothing will harm you unless you believe it will. That is what anxiety is all about. The mind!! Chase these foreboding thoughts out of your mind. They are bluffing and fooling you into a false belief.
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    Hi. Thrufaith. You are terrified! When a soldier goes into battle he too may be terrified or at the least afraid. The adrenaline begins to flow and he goes forward irrespective of how he feels. When the battle is over he calms down and reverts to normal. We sufferers don't do that. When we are fearful we add fuel to the fire by going on feeling anxious and afraid. The viscous circle begins. Fear/anxiety/symptoms/fear!! You are obviously at a very low ebb. Your emotions have taken control and you are so upset and hardly know what to do. I do know, been there!! Your PCR result was negative and so will your covid one be. If you had it you would have more symptoms than you have now. Try, I say try, because it's not easy, but just try to accept what comes without reacting to it. I have just posted another message about this very thing. Reaction to how you feel comes from a tired mind, which is not helped by all you have to do in your life and profession. It's OK for your husband to say relax, but he is not you and may have no idea of the pain of anxiety. Relaxing is damned nigh impossible, but you can accept what comes without reacting, and accepting it all.
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    Once again it's a chicken and egg situation. Is the jab causing my symptoms or have I worked myself up and the symptoms are anxiety? We all know that anxiety can mimic any disease once it's in the mind. I had both jabs with no side effects at all, and so have many. The chance of any side effects is minimal, unless we think ourselves into it!! The benefits far outweigh the remote possibility of getting any negative response. We, in the West, should be thankful that all the hard work by the drug l companies has paid off. So many in the world do not have the chance to get vaccinated.
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    There is nothing to worry about with CT scans, especially if you only had one. If you had fifty in a row, then I'd scream lol.
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    I got the Pfizer shot and after the first shot, I had no symptoms. After the second shot, I felt tired and my arm hurt for a few days and my temperature went up to around 99.6 for a day and after around the 3rd day, I felt back to normal.
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    Hi April. Your doctor did not inform you of the risks because they are minimal. Life is a risk. When we cross the street it's a risk. When we take any medication it's a risk. You did nothing wrong because you followed your doctor's advice. You are beating yourself up unnecessarily. One test with a CT scan is going to make no difference to you. When X-rays came in everyone was afraid the rays would cause harm. Nowadays millions of X-rays are done daily. Actually, and this is a fact, there are more harmful rays from the sun that any form of medical treatment. From the ultra violet to the infra red the rays are all harmful if we have too much of them. We all know the results of laying in the sun with no protection. But if we concerned ourselves with this and became anxious, we would only go out on cloudy days!!! Which would make no difference because the harmful rays can penetrate cloud. Nature has given us protection if we are sensible. You say no one seems sure about the effects of CT scans. They do you know, and many medics have given reassurance to many people. You are obviously a sensible person, so just keep to your regular routine.
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    Hey Shanowl, amazing!!! Like any vax, you can have some symptoms of the disease after, my boyfriend had to take a couple days off work as he was achy and had a bit of a temperature, migraine too, but it passed quickly and was nowhere near as bad as covid!!! Try to not worry too much, it's a fab thing to do and you're protected against the worst of it now โค๏ธ more serious side effects are insaaaanely rare, I'm imagining the things you're worried about are blood clots etc, but they're so so rare, it's more common to get them from other daily things than the vax ๐Ÿ™ƒ so if you're okay now, you still will be! If anything happens that does really worry you though, no doctor is going to be mad about checking you over just incase, so check in if necessary, but you're gonna be a-okay, I could put money on it ๐Ÿ˜ x
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    Hi I have the same feeling......had it for many years. Doctor's tell me it's anxiety. Drives me crazy because when it happens it can stay with me for a few weeks. Have you discussed this with your doctor? How long for you?
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    All these numbers fluctuate on a daily basis. If you were to check them every day, the results would be different each time; sometimes by quite a bit. That's just how the body work.
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    My God, those are fantastic results. Are you serious worrying about that? Leukaemia would not just have slightly off numbers, your platelets, WBC and other readings would be off the charts. Believe me, Iโ€™m the king of HA, so I understand the fear, the reading into every word or intonation the doctor makes, but jeez, those results are so clean you could eat off them. By the way, Fโ€”K Google.
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    Oh man, this worry might be the worst of all health worries, right? So many of us have been there and so many of us are still here kickin' it. I have had this fear more than one time. I had months of body-wide twitching during my first walk down that road and I still have some to this day (9 or so years later). Something that has always helped me is this site and AboutBFS. There are thousands of people just like you who twitch because of anxiety or perhaps a vitamin deficiency or electrolyte deficiency or something that is very much not ALS. It feels so hypocritical to be telling you not to worry when I am experiencing my own, probably exaggerated symptoms, but I love that we are here to support one another. I am reading a book right now which was recommended by my therapist called The Worry Trick: How Your Brain Tricks You into Expecting the Worst and What You Can Do About It by David Carbonell, PhD. I cannot say if it has helped me miraculously as I am still in the beginning of the book but I am hopeful it will help me work on a better relationship with the pervasive worry that I experience on a daily basis. It's worth a try, eh? You're okay, I'm okay, we're all okay!
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    I have one LOL When I was in my car and driving, I would make sure that if I saw a 666 on the odometer, that I wouldn't look at it three times. No joke. We're talking Maury show pickle-phobia like behavior. I thought I would go to hell for the 666, 66.6, or 666.6. I knew that I had overcome this when I was at work buying lunch and my total was $6.66. The lunchlady panicked and gave me the meal free. I said it was only a number lol.
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    The only thing crucial for you at this point is therapy. You need a therapist not a neurologist. If you actually want to get over your anxiety you have to quit the reassurance seeking. To be honest I think your neurologist is being very irresponsible continuing to see you when you do not have a neurological condition. Twitches are normally. Everyone has them. Non anxious people just donโ€™t notice or care. Bodies are not symmetrical. It is totally normal to have differences between left and right side. You have been cleared by a neurologist. Now you need to learn to trust that.
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    Hope you're hanging in there, @Holls. Stress and anxiety can do a number on your cycle. Since my hypochondria has flared up over the past 9-10 months, the timing of and pain associated with my period have been all over the place. At one point, I was almost a solid week late and that NEVER happens. This month, I've had multiple HA flares and upheaval at work, and I've been having mittelschmerz (ovulation pain) on and off for two weeks for no reason - except stress and anxiety. Your doc is right that it could be from getting older, too. I have a buddy who is 39 who is in perimenopause and her cycles are 100% messed up now. No fun, but something she can live with. If your doc mentions birth control, see what options are offered. I didn't have a good experience on the traditional pill, but there are a variety of implants and such that my friends have had luck with. They also help with pain. I'm not sure how many varieties of BC you've tried, but if you've only gone the pill route, it may be worthwhile to check out an implant if you have continuing pain.
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    haha no, it's fully recovered now from its dr google infection
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    lol, google or dr. google you shouldnt use them for searching symptoms. I have come to learn that the hard way.
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