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    For what it's worth, I have a freckle on my lip. It kind of just showed up one day, though I know it didn't really just show up - I just finally noticed it. My dermatologist has never said anything about it, so my assumption is that it's fine. I've also had my dermatologist tell me that we're getting freckles and various other spots all throughout our lives. That helps me.
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    I can understand being concerned. I had a hobnail hemangioma not too long ago that I convinced myself had to be some kind of cancer cus it kept puffing up and bleeding. The doc did biopsy it, but I would have just as easily gone for burning it off because I was beyond the point of dysphoric. Had the same problem with a mole on my pelvis... which I did burn off cus the doc didn't see the point in removing it. What I can say is I'm still very much alive (hey, I'm only dying emotionally!). I'm sorry your brain has you running in circles about that. It's rough when our brains get absolutely fixated on a thing and scream at us for answers. I suspect your brain will be coming back to that for some time. I hope for you that it eases quickly and the anxiety leaves you alone.