Breathing problems

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I know I suffer with health anxietyand realise shortness of breath is a symptom  I have had for a few days now a feeling of severe breathlessness, just moving across the room etc  it feels like  my breath is sticking just below my sternum where ribs cage  mets in the hollow  I feel very tired and shaky  saw Dr had bloods,  cxr and ecg all clear  has anyone had this sensation with their ha 

I have had a lot of symptoms lately which come and go but this is scary

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Yes. The sensation of shortness of breath can be very scary, even when it's just anxiety. I get this any time I'm particularly anxious, whether it's health anxiety or general anxiety. It feels terrible, I know, but I think you'll be fine. Take some slow, deep breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

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