Great to be back! %100 positive I have als

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I have had als fear in the past but today I am convinced. My eyelid has been twitching on and off for about two weeks and have even felt a little tightness on that side of my face. The oddest symptom I'm experiencing is my left side feels like it's not as sensitive as the right, it's hard to explain. It almost feels like I've lost feeling but not all the way. Everything works fine as I've been constantly moving every toe, every finger to make sure. I have been poking every inch of skin to see if I can feel it (which I can just not as much as the right side) But I have noticed there's certain things that I can do faster and easier with my right foot and toes then I can with my left. My throat is also tight on and off and yesterday someone asked me something and I thought my mouth wasn't going to work to answer. I am totally spiraling right now, doing all the regular anxiety stuff like realizing I'll never have children or travel or have a full life. Who knows how much time I have left. I've had the fear before but I don't remember being this bad, and I don't remember having this weird phantom limb issue (I can't figure out how to describe it it almost feels like my left arm and leg aren't mine but they work fine)

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