ibs lower left hurts to bend

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I am currently having pains lower left abdo almost pelvic  area,  they are a horrid ache but what worries me is that it hurts to sit forward or bend  to that side.  I feel like I am squashing something.   I worry it is ovarian cancer.  Last year I had severe rightt low abdo pain. Had 2 ultrasounds, 3 cts abdo and pelvis and all clear.  Last ct was Nov.  I am worried something has grown since.  I suffer awful health anxiety and especially about ovaries.  I am 65 so not young.  Have had ibs for years but last few attacks were on right.  Did used to get them on left but dont know if they hurt to move etc.  Does anyone have ibs and have these symptoms

I am very afraid


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Hi maria. Like you I've had alot lower side pains on both sides. I've had  ultra sounds done all normal. I know I have ibs . I think that can hurt all over your abdomen. Muscles in lower back and hips and abdomen cause cause pain too. I seriously doubt anything has grown since November. If you're worried call your doctor . But probably nothing to worry about. Take care

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