Beta users needed for new anxiety attacks tracking app

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Hello fellow anxiety and panic attack sufferers, 

I suffer from anxiety attacks and have built a new app to help myself and others track attacks. Follow this link and enter your details to join the beta program for the app.


The app’s goal is to make it very easy to record your anxiety attacks in real-time, as they happen. Once you start tracking your attacks on the app, the app will detect patterns in your attacks and uncover insights.


I've been suffering from anxiety attacks at varying frequencies since 2008. In the first few years, each attack was so debilitating I would struggle to leave my house for the next week. Thankfully, these days I'm doing much better. My attacks are less frequent, and the aftermath is dramatically less severe, something I can even recover from in a few minutes. But still, in many ways, my fear of an attack dramatically affects my choices.


I've taken a few months off my full time job to build this app because I'm hoping it can help me and help others. I'm also hoping that together with the app’s users we will build an unparalleled body of data about anxiety attacks that can be used to significantly advance research and build more help for people suffering from anxiety attack.


The app is currently in beta testing phase and is not available on the App Store. I invite all of you to join the beta, try out the app, use it if you have an attack, and share your feedback so I can make it better.


To sign up for the beta use this link and enter your name and email. While the app does NOT collect any personal information, your name and email are required for Apple Beta Testing program.  


Please send your feedback, either through the app, or on this thread.



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