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I've been an artist as long as I could remember.
In high school, my depression got the best of me and I drifted away from it. 
After graduating I got pregnant and didn't have time to do anything, but take care of my daughter.
I recently lost medical assistance since I can't hold a job. I was let go because I wasn't strong enough to be in costumer service.
I want to tap into my anxiety and depression feel some relief again. (and possibly sell some to relieve the fear of financial stability) 
I have so many ideas, but my anxiety blocks me. I remember all the times being bullied for being too emotional and it scares me away. And then the depression sets in and I feel so physically drained.

Thoughts of...
Not being good enough (But practice makes perfect)
What if I don't have time, What if I'm wasting time (I don't have a job or anywhere else to be)
All the criticism (But art always comes with critics) 
Having no support...

If I did get passed this anxiety block...
Will I actually be happier? (I won't know if I don't try)
Will people like it? (If it makes you feel better, who cares?)
Was it all overreacting? (Most likely)

All the flooding thoughts just leave me crying, paralyzed, and panicked. I can't talk to anyone about it cause their answer is "Just Do It."
I don't know if I need these thoughts out there, just thought I would share what was on my mind.
Do you have any thoughts or an art story to share?

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